Guy Rottier

Some amazing architectural / artistic images by French architect Guy Rottier.

Architecture is being invented just like one invents a car or a plane. It has no boundaries and can be exported like any other creation. Sites never compelled a predetermined architecture.

Architecture has no public interest but private, except for some public buildings or monuments.

It is the synthesis of all arts including every discipline and in that regard it should be free and should only obey to technical constraints, security, hygiene and land planning.

But Human beings have a different judgment. Deep frozen in the past and crazy about tradition, they added such useless constraints that any evolution seems to be impossible. Housing is yet the basis cell of any society is currently the only field where progress, especially in France, is almost impossible, in the global indifference of users and most of architects. 

French (original)

Dudley Residence

Balustrades, painting and landscaping to go...nearly there!

W House

Small addition to an existing weatherboard house including Kitchen, Living, Bathroom and Laundry. The island bench in the Kitchen is designed to accommodate cooking and casual seating and opens onto a Courtyard. The Courtyard also provides sun access to all the Living spaces and an internalised "green" room.

Dr. Mabuse the Gambler

"The film moves from the world of the slums to the world of the stock exchange and then to the cabarets and nightclubs–and everywhere chaos reigns, authority is discredited, power is mad and uncontrollable, wealth inseparable from crime."

Cabaret Voltaire

Its dark premises were artists' club, exhibition room, pub, and theater, all rolled into one. The artists' performances consisted of the oddest works which had never before been seen or heard. Noise music, simultaneous poems recited by 4 to 7 voices speaking all at once, bizarre dances in grotesque masks and fancy costumes, interrupted by readings of German and French sound verses sounding like nothing on Earth, and solemn incantations of texts by the mystic Jacob Böhme and of Lao-Tse. On the walls had been hung pictures by artists whose names had been unknown until then: Arp, Paolo Buzzi, Cangiullo, Janco, Kisling, Macke, Marinetti, Modigliani, Mopp, Picasso, van Rees, Slodki, Segal, Wabel, and others. A place where young people not only laid stress on enjoying their independence, but also wished to proclaim it.
In this declaration the name of "Dada" is documented for the first time, and from here it was carried into the world. On July 14th, 1916, the first Dada Soirée took place at the "Waage" hall; and in the same month the series of books, "Collection Dada," began to appear.